5 Tips for Recording Video Interviews

Thousands of job seekers have recorded video interviews on Apploi. Some are great, some are only pretty good, and some are terrible. We’ve looked at them, learned some important lessons, and here are five tips on how to make yours the greatest of the greatest – the kind of video interviews which make hiring companies want to call you first.

Tip One: Record in the Right Location

You don’t have to get fancy about it or record your interview in an office, just pick a location that shows that you didn’t just pick up your phone and start recording anyplace . . . you’re presenting yourself with care! We’ve seen great videos that were recorded at kitchen tables, in food courts at malls, and even outside of office buildings. Give it a little thought before you fire up your Apploi app and hit record.

Tip Two: Eliminate Background Distractions

There are visual distractions, like hanging power cords, unmade beds, and sleeping dogs. There are also noise distractions, like a whirring fan, cheeping parakeets in the next room, or the noise of passing traffic or police cars. Remember that the microphone in your phone, tablet or computer is so sensitive that it can lock onto background noise and make it seem even louder than your speaking voice. To be sure you sound good, review your interview before you take it live.

Tip Three: Watch the Lighting

If you sit in front of a bright window, chances are pretty good you will look like a silhouette to your virtual interviewer. If you record your video interview at night in a room which was lit by fluorescent bulbs, you could look as pale as a zombie. So record your video and then watch it to be sure you look good.

Tip Four: Speak Slow and Strong

You want to speak in a natural way, but you never want people to ask, “What the heck did she just say?” So speak at a comfortable pace that is just a little slower than usual, and just a little louder than usual. You’ll come across as poised and professional.

Tip Five: Wear the Right Clothes

You only need to wear a business suit or business casual clothing if you’re applying for jobs where that kind of clothing will be expected – like office jobs or sales jobs in clothing stores where that kind of clothing is sold. Instead, dress in a way that makes you look like a natural fit for the kind of jobs you want. That could mean wearing clean athletic wear if you’re applying for a job in a health club, outdoorsy clothing if you’re applying to work for a landscaping company, or trendy clothing if you’re angling for a job at a fashion boutique. There’s no correct way to dress for your video interview. The way you dress depends on the job.

Ready to Record and Land that Job?

Now’s the time to set up your job search profile on Apploi, record your interview, then apply for jobs and get the interviews going. We know the advice in today’s post will get you ahead of the pack.

DOs and DON'Ts of Video Interviews

Need some help responding to video interviews? Watch this video for a few key DOs and DON'Ts. Start searching for jobs today! Sign up at or download the app on your iPhone or Android.

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