An Interview with Jedi Master Yoda


This week we got a surprise visit from Jedi Master Yoda for an exclusive Apploi interview. We’ve been trying to get him for ages — you’d think after 900 years he’d have mastered scheduling, but perhaps he has developed his own sense of time after becoming one with the force. Here he talks to us about his job history, skills, and advice to today’s current job seekers.

APPLOI: Thank you so much for joining us, Master Yoda.

YODA: Consider why you thank me, you must. Visiting, I am. My pleasure, it is.

APPLOI: Well then, can you tell us a little about yourself and your job history?

YODA: Done a few things in my lifetime, I have. Quite an excellent gardener, I am. I also love animals. [Begins to hum]

APPLOI: [At this point, we realized we’d have to be a little more direct with him] Master what’s the best job you’ve ever had?

YODA: Never held a job, I have. However, helped train nearly every young Jedi in the realm, I did. On that I look back most fondly. My students, they were. Even the dark ones. Yes, but win them all you cannot. Making myself look bad, I am. When nearly 900 years you become, look this good your job experience will not.

APPLOI: What makes you a good candidate — some of your strengths, we mean?

YODA: The ability not to overthink trivial matters, I’d say. Leadership in the most trying times, as well. Both very important skills for job seekers to own.

APPLOI: And how about your weaknesses?
Language, I suppose not.

APPLOI: What are your strongest skills?

YODA Excellent with animals, I am. From a long time living in the swamp, that comes. An empath and good listener, some have told me I am. A cultivation of experience that I did not necessarily seek, my skills are.

APPLOI: What does that mean for job seekers?

YODA: Simply to become a master at anything, worry about whether you find the perfect job, you should not. Learning skills from all experiences, you are.

APPLOI: Wow…that’s very insightful. If anyone can take something away from your experience, it’s that!

YODA: Here to help you learn, I am. Highly recommend Apploi to anyone looking for a job, I do. But be going, I must.

APPLOI: But…Yoda, you just got here.

YODA: Given you everything you need to carry on my knowledge, I have. Limited, my time is. May the force be with you.
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