Don’t Let Your Resume Screening Software Hide Great Job Candidates

Nearly every hiring manager we’ve spoken with likes resume screening software and its ability to use keywords to identify the strongest candidates for any job. But when you ask those same managers if they have any doubts about using the software, many of them say, “I sometimes wonder whether the system rejects some really good candidates, just because their resumes don’t contain the right keywords.”

That’s a real concern. Here are some ways to determine whether your screening system is keeping you from seeing resumes that have been posted by strong candidates.

Option One: Do a Search of Your Own

Get into the system and review some of the resumes that the system has blocked. If you’re doing a search that attracted a large number of resumes, just scan a small number of them – maybe five or 10 – to get an inkling of whether your system is hiding good applicants from you. And if you’re doing a search that only attracted 50 or 60 resumes, why not look at them all?

Option Two: Use Add-On Software that Uses Fuzzy Logic to Dig Deeper

Perhaps your software already embodies the ability to parse through large blocks of text to “dig out” qualified applicants who might not have used just the right key terms in their materials. If not, there are add-on programs, like LENS™ software from Burning Glass that can add that functionality to your current system.

Option Three: Review Applicants’ Video Interviews to Discover Hidden Talent

We’re not writing today’s post to hype the virtual interviews that are part of Apploi, but Apploi lets you quickly view the video interviews recorded by all the applicants who have applied for your job. You get to “meet them,” look into their eyes, and identify the ones who have the right personalities and polish for your jobs.

The Bottom Line . . .

It’s a pity to spend time and money to attract applications from job-hunters and then to have them blocked by your system. They found you, isn’t it worth investing a little more time to be sure you find them? We hope today’s tips help you discover them, connect, and make better hires.

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