Four Strategies to Fill Entry-Level Jobs Faster

If you’re in charge of keeping your company’s entry-level jobs fully staffed, chances are you can tell some pretty amazing stories about times when you had to replace workers fast. We’re willing to bet that you’ve had to replace workers who stopped showing up for work, who quit with only a few days’ notice, who got fired after stealing or arguing with customers – and worse.

When you’ve had to fill those vacancies, did you feel as though you had to jumpstart the hiring process all over again by posting job listings, screening resumes and calling applicants for interviews? Did it take weeks to find candidates to fill your immediate needs?

If you’ve suffered from that kind of slow hiring, here are four strategies to help you fill entry-level jobs faster in the future:

Never stop hiring for the jobs you need to keep staffed. This is especially critical if you oversee positions where there is high turnover. Continue to post those jobs and keep resumes and applications coming in so you have a steady pool of applicants to draw from. And even after you fill a job, don’t discard resumes and other materials from the applicants you did not hire. Having them on file will increase your hiring speed.
Stay in touch with capable former employees. You can call on them to return to work for short periods of time or even rehire them for their old jobs if their employment situations have changed.
Review and revise the job requirements that you have used in your job postings in the past. Many companies create and post overly stringent requirements that drive away acceptable applicants. Their listings say that applicants for their jobs need “a minimum of two years’ retail selling experience” or, “a minimum of two years’ experience in appliance installation.” If those really are the requirements for your jobs, fine. But if they are discouraging applicants whom you really would consider for your positions, it could be time to revise them in order to attract more applicants.
Get the most powerful and modern recruiting tools working for you. More and more hiring companies today are saying that their company job boards and job sites like – which were the fastest recruiting tools only four or five years ago – are no longer up to the job of keeping vacant jobs staffed. Now that more and more applicants are using their smartphones to search and apply for jobs, it is time to move to something faster and more powerful.
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