Four Ways to Streamline Recruiting Hourly Workers

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An HR manager recently described his current hiring problem to us this way:

“Some really great candidates are out there looking for my jobs. And I am out there looking for them. So why are we having such a hard time finding each other?”
Maybe this disconnect is happening to you? If so, maybe it is because as a hiring manager, you’re dealing with such an avalanche of resumes and cover letters that you simply cannot identify the really good applicants.

If you’re fighting this battle, here are some ways to cut through the clutter, find great job applicants – and make sure they find you too. Lets streamline your recruiting process.

Solution One: Start an Incentivized Employee Referral Program

Your current employees who are doing their jobs well can connect you with friends and relatives who could be excellent potential employees. Consider starting a program that pays a cash incentive to any employee who refers a new employee who remains on the job for six months or a year. This is a proven way to recruit – and a very low-cost one to boot.

Solution Two: Network

Call individuals in your network and ask them to refer good job candidates to you. You can call professionals you know who work for other companies, call former employees, and call vendors who work with your company. This is another very cost efficient way to recruit. Better yet, it can help connect you to highly qualified applicants.

Solution Three: Post Job Vacancies on Your LinkedIn Professional Groups

If you are a member of professional groups on LinkedIn, consider posting a query on them that says something like, “We’re hiring phone reps for our call center.” Because the other members of your groups are professionals like you, they will take your notice seriously and refer qualified candidates.

Simple Strategy Four: Let Apploi Help Connect You Quickly to Qualified Applicants

After you list your jobs with us and candidates begin to apply, you can track your way to the most qualified applicants quickly, thanks to our powerful platform. You can even watch their prerecorded video interviews and select the candidates who have the polish and interpersonal skills you need for your jobs. The result? You find the best people, and they find you. If you’ve had a difficult time connecting with the right applicants, that should be music to your ears.

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