Hard to Answer Job Interview Questions – Probing Questions

How to Answer “What Would You Change?” in a Job Interview
We ran a Twitter poll to hear about the toughest job interview questions you’ve faced. In truth, we know that some questions simply leave us with nothing to say. It’s certainly okay to give yourself time to think of an answer, but when an interview question comes as a big surprise, often we come up with nothing to say.

The question our audience selected is “What would you change?”, which turns out to be a probing question. A probing interview question is often asked following information you provided about yourself during an interview. This can be a tough interview question for a few reasons.

So, what would you change?
Consider a few different scenarios:

If you’re talking about one of your major success stories—say you ran an awesome campaign or helped a restaurant grow its business because of your customer service—you’re comfortable because you’re discussing something that went well for you.This question can throw you off your game because you need to consider what went wrong, even when you thought everything went right!
If you’re a meticulous planner, you might think everything went perfectly! Or, maybe things went well by chance. You’ll need to consider parts of your career that weren’t part of the plan; and that’s not easy!
Perhaps you only stayed at a job for three months. You’ll need to explain not only why that happened, but what you’d do differently in order to avoid that kind of situation.
Either way—there isn’t always an easy answer for this type of probing question. Here’s how we think you should approach questions like these when answering in an interview situation.

Typically when you’re asked a question of this nature the interviewer is trying to analyze a critical skill about you on the spot. They’ll consider whether or not you have the ability to self-evaluate and constantly strive for better results. Before a job interview, take a look at your own successes as well as your key learnings from those situations. This skill will always impress!

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