How to Find the Best Restaurant Staff

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Once upon a time, all restaurants needed to recruit a few kinds of employees: waiters and waitresses to serve customers, a cooking staff for the kitchen, some dishwashers and maybe a bartender or two.

Just look at what has happened over the last 20 years as the variety of food service jobs has expanded dramatically to include:

Restaurant hosts and hostesses who manage reservations, greet patrons and see them to their tables and sometimes also deliver orders to patrons who arrive to claim orders they have phoned in or placed online or via restaurant apps.
Coffee specialists (baristas), and now tea specialists too.
Sous chefs and assistant chefs who work in the kitchen to assemble meals on plates and coordinate the delivery of meals to servers who take them to patrons.
Broiler chefs whose only duty is to prepare broiled meats in large restaurant kitchens.
Bus people who clear tables and prepare them for new patrons to arrive, and who sometimes refill water glasses and provide other services too.
Dining room managers who supervise the work of wait staff and assist patrons when needed.
Hotel room service servers and meal preppers.
Health club and spa servers who prepare blender drinks and light snacks for patrons.
Stockers who place pre-prepared food items in shelves in self-service restaurants.
Food technicians who supervise the inventory of frozen foods that are kept in kitchen freezers, make sure that food preparation equipment is operating correctly, and handle other duties that diners never see.
Drive-through order takers and preparers who make sure that the drive-through operation of fast food restaurants operates smoothly.
Delivery drivers who take orders to patrons who have phoned in for meals or ordered them via apps or online.
Counter delivery personnel at restaurants like Chipotle who take meal orders and deliver completed dishes to patrons who are standing online.
How Can You Hire for All those Restaurant Positions and Skills?

If you are a restaurant hiring manager it seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? After all, each of those jobs requires a different set of skills. But here is a simple strategy to streamline the process:

Track One: If you’re hiring for positions that require proven high-level skills (wine stewards, bartenders, food technicians, or servers for very high-end restaurants, for example), you should recruit people who have handled those jobs capably in the past.
Track Two: If you’re hiring for jobs that pose fewer technical demands (greeters, delivery drivers, room-service waiters, for example), you can simply hire for attitude, appearance, enthusiasm and personality, because those traits are needed in all the positions listed above. Then go on to train your bright new hires to perform the specific duties that will be needed in their new positions.
How to Hire for Attitude, Poise and Customer Service Aptitude to Find the Best Restaurant Staff

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Wide reach. The jobs you post on Apploi are instantly viewable by thousands of job-seekers who are looking for restaurant and food service positions.
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Revolutionary virtual job interviews. Applicants record virtual job interviews on their phones, tablets or laptops; you view them and identify candidates who have the interpersonal skills, energy, attitude, appearance and all the other traits you want in members of your restaurant team.
Instant automated communications. If you are interested in candidates and want to bring them in for interviews, there is no need to write individual emails, make phone calls or play phone tag. You can contact your preferred candidates with just a click.
Faster hiring. Faster screening and identification of the best candidates and the elimination of screening interviews mean that it takes you less time to fill each of the restaurant jobs you need to fill.
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