How to Land a Great Job in Retail Sales

Your resume, cover letter, and references count for something when you’re applying for a job in retail sales. But do you know what? Because everybody has a resume, a cover letter and references, the only factors that can set you apart from all those other candidates are traits that can’t be seen on paper . . .

A sparkling personality
An ability to immediately connect with people
Good listening skills – the ability to hear and address people’s needs and questions
A positive outlook
All those qualities add up to the one trait that jump out, makes all the difference, and gets you hired . . .

That’s right. When you boil it all down, confidence is the one trait that attracts the attention of stores that are hiring, sets you apart from other applicants, gets you hired or gets you singled out for training to be a store manager.

How Can You Let Stores that Are Hiring See How Great You Are?
That’s the problem you are facing, because even the greatest resume or cover letter can’t jump up off the page and tell a hiring manager, “This candidate is 10 times better than all the other job applicants, GET HER IN HERE!” It’s the same story if you’re applying for retail jobs you found posted on a store’s website, on Craigslist, or on the listings on or other online sites. There really isn’t too much you can do to stand out and make recruiting companies sit up and say, “This guy is great, GET HIM IN HERE!”

One partial solution is to take that great confidence of yours and spread it around at job fairs, where you can literally put that great personality of yours right in front of representatives from stores that are hiring. The problem is that there are so many other applicants. In the course of a few hours, you are probably only going connect directly and make an impression on one or two companies. Another problem is that after you submit a paper resume, it goes in a stack of hundreds of others that go back to headquarters for processing – and that great personality of yours can disappear.

Why Apploi Moves You to the Head of the Applicant Class

Apploi lets you record a compelling virtual job interview right from your phone. Using it, you look right into the eyes of hiring managers, connect with them, and beam out your confidence, energy and personality. Try doing that with your resume. You can’t.
With just a click from you, Apploi gets your wonderful confidence right in front of hundreds of hiring managers. You check all the retail store jobs that are posted every day on Apploi, pick the ones you would like to apply for, submit your application with a click, and your video interview is immediately available to hiring managers, along with the job profile that you have created on Apploi. Try connecting with that many hiring managers at a job fair. You can’t.
Ready, Set . . . Apploi

Those are only some of the reasons Apploi works harder and faster to get you the job you want. Download the Apploi job search app now on your iPhone or Android, or register online today. In minutes, you’ll be applying for dozens of great retail jobs that are just right for you.

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