How to Set the Stage for More Compelling Video Interviews

Create Compelling Video Interviews

Don’t you love the efficiency of interviewing job candidates online? You don’t have to arrange times for interviewees to come to your office. You can see them on your computer screen, they can see you on theirs. Plus, video interviews provide a great way to identify the strongest candidates to call in for face-to-face interviews.

The problem is that your computer’s webcam captures a fisheye image that doesn’t make you, or your company, look too appealing. You suffer from the “Wizard of Oz Syndrome” and look like a talking head hovering on a computer screen. And who wants to work for the Wizard of Oz? If you are interviewing candidates – especially strong ones you are seriously considering – you want to present your company in a more alluring way. Here are some ways get that done.

Invest in a USB Web Camera

You can buy one for $50 or less at a store that sells office supplies or computers. Because you can position an external webcam anywhere you want, you can overcome the “Wizard of Oz” problem easily by experimenting with different camera placements. Plus, it’s much easier to create an appealing background view. And many webcams now feature built-in stereo microphones that can help you avoid the tinny sound that built-in laptop mikes can cause.

Consider Doing Interviews in a Workplace Setting

If you’re hiring technicians to work in your tire store, set up your computer there and let your screen show the busy work area behind you. You can do something similar if you are hiring bank tellers, clothing salespeople, phone center personnel, and many other kinds of employees. Giving interviewees a view of the setting where they will be working can bring an interview to life and convince strong applicants that they would really like to work for you.

Bring Other People into the Interview

After you have asked your interview questions, bring in another person to “meet” the job candidate. If you can say, “I’d like you to meet Chris, who you’d be working with here” or, “I’d like you to meet Paula, who would be your manager,” you can take your interview to a higher level. Plus, you can ask the people you bring in to help you pick the strongest candidates.

Create an Appealing Background View if You’re Interviewing from Your Office

Position your camera to create a view that is clean and uncluttered – no piles of papers, hanging electrical wires or straggly plants. Also avoid sitting in front of a window, because glare from behind you can make you look like a silhouette. One more thing? Try to eliminate distracting sounds –the sound of a radio playing in the next office or of a whirring desktop fan can be picked up by your computer microphone and become distracting to the people you are interviewing.

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