How Watching Super Bowl 50 Will Help you Find a Job

We’re no psychics, but we can probably predict that this Sunday you’ll be somewhere near a TV screen, wings, and a certain football game that happens only once a year. Super Bowl Sunday is a pretty big deal, and we know you’re interested in watching for a few different reasons.

Whether you’re a football fan, commercial fan, or music fan, we have some great news: we’re actually telling you to watch the game to help you find a job. *Queue insane reactions* It’s true! Watching the biggest television event of the year is way more beneficial than you’d think. Here’s the deal: those commercials you love so much are packed with key details to help you move along your search. Plus, the game itself can be pretty helpful, too. Grab your chips and dip and listen up; you won’t want to miss how to benefit from one of your favorite nights of the year in a major career positive way.

Those iconic commercials you love so much? They’re all hiring.
Die-hard Super Bowl fans can usually be divided into two groups; people who love the game, and people who love the commercials. If you fall into the latter—or if you love both—you’ll be talking about the Super Bowl ads that hit home for days.

Here’s the good news: Those mega brands spending millions on Super Bowl ads to keep you talking are expanding their teams by the day. This doesn’t just include office jobs—iconic companies like T-Mobile, PepsiCo, Heinz, Acura, and Frito-Lay are hiring hourly workers around the country right now.


That means that companies with memorable Super Bowl ads like this…


…are looking for people like you today. There’s a reason they spend the big bucks on one massive night; it’s to attract people to their major brand—even job seekers.

Watch the ads and performances to spark creative ideas.
We don’t have the inside scoop, but we’re guessing a massive amount of time and effort goes into planning ads for the Super Bowl (that only last for 30 seconds, but we digress). At the same time, the biggest names in music perform each year during the halftime show and always put on a show to remember. (Hello Beyonce, am I right?).


*Hello back, she sings*

Sometimes the best ideas spark from something equally as creative. Use these ideas from the best minds in the media to inspire yourself. No need to take action until Monday; we’ll all be in relax mode on Sunday, too. Consider Sunday night more like your own personal brainstorming session.

Build your cultural resume.
In an interview, you don’t want to be TOO serious. A little worldly knowledge will show you’re well rounded and aware of what’s happening out there without taking it too far. Watching the Super Bowl is a really great way to bulk up on current events. That way, you can reference “that awful play call” or “the adorable puppy ad” and actually sound like you know what you’re talking about. (#leftshark)

Channel a success story for motivation.
Players are the best motivators; not just because of their incredible careers, but also because so many of them have overcome the odds and made us believe that anything is possible. Take Cam Newton—he’s been able to overcome numerous scandals during his football career. Some might’ve considered his life as a football player over, but he took the opportunity to reframe his story through hard work as a team leader. His message to job seekers is simple. You can mess up. You’re only human! It’s how you bounce back that shows the kind of person and hard worker that you really are. That’s a story we can really get behind, and a message that should inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves.


Plus, check out the hottest jobs from companies hiring right now in Bronco and Panther territory!
Denver, Colorado – Panera, Cinnabon, Forever 21, CVS, Whole Foods, and Lowe’s.

Charlotte, North Carolina – Marriott, Rite Aid, Panera, Target, and Barnes and Noble.

Santa Clara, California – H&M, Uniqlo, Hyatt, Intel, T-Mobile, Target, and 24 Hour Fitness.

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