Is a Video Interview the Same as an In-Person Job Interview?

Why You Should Treat Your Video Interview as a Real Job Interview

You downloaded the Apploi job search app on your phone or created your account online. You uploaded your resume into your Apploi profile. And now you have one more step to complete . . .

It’s time to create your video interview

No big deal, right? It’s really easy to record your video interview on your tablet or phone, right? It will only take a minute and employers are going to give it only a quick look, right? So why not click, record your job interview right now, and get it over with?

If that’s the way you’re thinking about your video interview, you’re hurting your chances of getting hired. Because even though you can record your video in only a few minutes, your video is a real live job interview and you should invest some time and thought in it, by following the advice that we gave you on this blog a few days ago in the post, “5 Tips for Recording Video Interviews.”

So you’re going to follow that advice and record a great video interview, right? But at the same time, you might be wondering why you should invest that extra effort.

There’s a very simple reason why you should take it seriously . . .

Your video interview is a real live job interview

And here are some of the reasons why:

The employers who post jobs on Apploi will use your video interview just like a real in-person job interview. If they like it, they will call you in for an in-person interview or, in more and more cases, call you in and offer you a job. If the companies that are hiring will treat your video interview that seriously, shouldn’t you too?
Your video interview is one of the most powerful job-hunting tools ever invented. After you post yours and spend a week or two applying for jobs, hundreds of companies are going to see it. If your video will be working that hard for you, doesn’t it make sense to have it be the best you can possibly create?
A great video interview gives you an advantage over other job-hunters. Thousands of other Apploi users are out there recording video interviews of their own. In a sense, they are competing with you for available jobs. If you can invest extra effort and time to create a great video, you can move to the head of the line of other applicants. You then stand a much better chance of getting the call you’ve been waiting for – the one where you pick up the phone and someone who’s hiring says to you, “We loved your video and want to get you in here right away so we can talk to you.”
Why do people get calls like that? One reason is that they understand that a video interview is the same as an in-person interview, and they take the time to record a great one.

Make sense to you? Great. Now invest a little extra care in planning and recording your job interview. And remember, everyone here at Apploi is rooting for you.

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