Job Seekers To-Do List

Job seekers, it’s time to get organized. Use this list to buckle down at the start of the new month and motivate yourself into a new position.

To do: Research new companies.
You might be 101% sure of your dream job, but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking for more opportunities. There could be a company out there that you’d love just as much but you haven’t heard of it yet. The more job searching you do, the better luck you’ll have. Try incorporating new words into your job search. If you want a job in retail and love H&M, you might not have known about Rainbow—but they’re both looking for new employees today.

To do: Get creative.
Read a few creative articles, pick up a book, or write a paragraph about whatever you want! Get your creative juices flowing and your job search—and applications—will show it.

To do: Tackle your personal to do list!
You’re only human—we know you have schoolwork to finish, laundry to wash, relationships to deal with, pets to take care of, and so much more. Incorporate your daily to do list with your job search list for the most efficient results.

To do: Make a document of every job application you’ve sent.
Since you’re organizing, take the time to get everything together and list all of your job applications in one place. This way you’ll remember to follow up with each employer when it’s time.

To do: Take up a new hobby.
Make it small—take up crafting. Make it big! Take up biking. Whatever you choose, you’ll really enjoy a little time off from the full time job of looking for one.

To do: Touch base with your network.
Your network doesn’t exist if you don’t groom it. Be sure to catch up with everyone you’re professionally connected with. Not only is it nice to stay in touch, but it could also lead to a potential job connection if you let on that you’re looking for one.

To do: Take a break!
It’s well deserved. Don’t drive yourself crazy—take the time you need.

To do: Follow relevant social accounts.
If you’re applying for a job in a specific industry, follow all kinds of accounts that can help you. Engage with them and learn from them—this way, you’ll be well connected AND knowledgeable about the industry come time for your interview.

To do: Clean up your LinkedIN page.
Everyone puts this off, so now’s your chance to clean it up. Upload a professional photo of yourself and all past job experience. Don’t skimp on the skills and volunteer experience either! Here’s a great chance to impress employers; do your best to stand out.

To do: Apply!
To get started as an Apploi user, email your resume to [email protected] We’ll send you an email with instructions for activating your account. It’s as easy as that to get your job search into gear. In no time at all, you could be working an incredible job.

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