Say goodbye to recruiting events, resumes and traditional job applications

I recently wrote at length about some of the unique hurdles that companies hiring a service and support workforce are faced with. In conversation with many retail, restaurant, hospitality and service companies we hear how defined hiring processes are bypassed for the company’s hourly and store positions.

This is not overly surprising, given the nature of the positions that are being hired for (different skill requirements require different hiring practices), but giving up on the recruiting workflow and systems, and reverting to handing out paper job application forms or housing regular open-call recruiting events, is definitely not the solution, and causes significant issues (corporate transparency, definition of best-practices, compliance etc.).

In our work at Apploi we have always been committed to helping bridge the gap between those looking for service and support positions, and companies looking to hire great teams. Since the launch of Apploi, I have dreamt of a single streamlined process where those in the working groups faced with the highest unemployment rates (such as teenagers and ethnic minorities), could be quickly captured from any device (particularly mobile, given that according to the Census Bureau, one in four households in the U.S. still doesn’t have home internet access). And then to be able to showcase why they feel that they are the best fit for the position they are applying to (in a manner that showcases their strengths and potential, and not just their past). This should be a fast, simple and streamlined experience from anywhere and at anytime, and similar to popular consumer apps, like Instagram, where we capture photos (instead of uploading entire albums) and Twitter where we capture our thoughts (instead of long articles). Apploi quickly captures an applicants best qualities instead of every past experience and legal information all at once.

But the dream can’t stop there, as that’s only the beginning; the connector. For the greatest impact (and to avoid those boxes of job applications, that are all too familiar to any store manager), this capture needs to easily feed into the companies recruiting workflows and systems.

We have been fortunate to create several integrations with third party systems who have become great partners in helping reach our mission, but what we have just developed with iCims is revolutionary, and has the power to change hourly hiring forever.

Say goodbye to recruiting events (in-person or virtual), ‘resume bombing’ of unengaged applicants or paper job applications. Instead, picture large retail stores and malls or busy stadiums in need of high volumes of service workers. People can now easily be captured (at a kiosk at location, or by seeing a poster they can snap with their phone, or whilst sitting on the bus), and then can quickly demonstrate their passion for the position and be pre-screened (with video, audio and other question formats). This quick capture then feeds directly into the ATS and the company’s existing recruiting workflow.

Hiring managers in fast hiring-cycles, now have richer information about their (engaged) applicants, than provided on a traditional resume to be able to make decisions with. Without any need for shutting off revenue generating space for hiring events, or distracting store teams from their sales targets.

This partnership has made the dream a reality, and hiring practices will change in these industries as a consequence; to the advantage of both company and applicant. Further, and even more importantly, this will reduce hurdles of entry into the workforce, to new beginnings and ultimately economic empowerment.

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