Seven Crash-Proof Ways to Get Energized before Job Interviews

Seven Tips to Get Energized before Job Interviews

It’s interview day. You’ve got to get energized for sure, but be careful. The usual methods – an extra cup of coffee or a big sugary treat for breakfast – can only get you jazzed or, worse yet, lead to an energy crash before your job interview begins.

Here are some proven ways to get the energy up without running the risk of crashing just when you need to wow that interviewer.

Protein, Protein, Protein for Breakfast

Eggs, breakfast meats, nuts and cheese are great sources of slow-to-burn energy that will keep you running strong until the interview ends. One tip? If you’re going for bacon, try Canadian bacon, which usually contains lower sodium and sugar than the American kind.

Stick with Complex Carbs

Your body burns whole wheat and high-grain breads and muffins (complex carbs) slowly, giving you a long-lasting source of energy. Skip white bread and notice the difference. And if you’re going to have some potatoes for breakfast, make them home fries, not patties of processed “hash browns,” which usually contain a lot energy-sapping oils and salt.

Get Moving in the Sunshine

A full-blown workout at the gym before your interview could leave you tired. Instead, find a way to get a nice walk outside before your interview. Walk around the block or around the lot where you parked your car. If you can find a place where there is lots of nice bright sunshine, you’ll pick up an extra little boost.

Review Your Materials Ahead of Time and Notice How Great They Are

As you do, envision all the great things you are going to tell your interviewer about your background, job experience, non-work activities, family . . . and more. You’ll go into your interview with a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

This can be difficult advice to follow. After all, you want to look your best. But opting for comfortable clothes – not a tight-collared shirt and tie or a restricting suit that makes you feel squeezed – will help promote high energy during your session.

Drink Water

Enjoy a nice drink of about 12-16 ounces of water about an hour before your interview. And consider bringing a bottle of water to sip from during the interview. It won’t bother your interviewer. Chances are he or she will notice that you are taking good care of yourself – a positive impression to cultivate in the mind of your interviewer.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

A few relaxed, deep breaths before your session starts both relax you and send a blast of oxygen to your brain.

Let Us Know How It Goes . . .

Those are just a few tips to keep you from drooping and losing energy just when you need it most. All of us here at Apploi are rooting for you. Now go in there and wow them!

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