Should You Hide Your Tattoos at Job Interviews?

What should you do if you’ve got some beautiful tattoos you love to show – and you have a job interview coming up? Should you hide Your Tattoos at Job Interviews?

The short answer to that question is no, you shouldn’t. And here are some of the reasons why . . .

If Your Tattoos Eliminate You from Consideration, That’s Okay

If your interviewer sees your tattoos and eliminates you from consideration, all that means is that you probably didn’t want to work for that company anyway. And if your interviewer likes your tattoos and hires you, that is a sign of the opposite – you could have found an employer where you will feel comfortable and enjoy working.

Some Companies Really Like Employees with Tattoos

If you visit some of the hipper companies in your area, you will see this is true. In some, tattoos have helped shape the company’s brand, image and mood. So why not work there, not in places where you don’t fit? In the area where I live, lots of companies have plenty of employees with tattoos – a mountain bike shop, a gym, a bunch of restaurants and plenty of clothing stores.

Tattoos Can Help You Avoid Companies Where You Don’t Belong

A conservative accounting firm, an eldercare center or a childcare center might not like to hire people with tattoos. Job hunting tip: Visit companies before you apply for jobs, look at the employees, and decide whether you will “fit” and enjoy working in them. Also, check out the list of companies that do not permit tattoos that is updated regularly on the tat2x blog.

A Special Note about Restaurants

Restaurants can have a variety of rules about tattoos. Some, including KFC and Olive Garden, do not permit them at all. (Check out the list on the tat2x blog). Other restaurants may have rules – sometimes because of local laws – that do not allow people to work if they have newly applied “fresh” tattoos, which are categorized just like cuts. Those restaurants might not hire you if you have recently gotten a tattoo, or might require you to take a leave of absence if you get one while you are working.

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