Six Things Never to Say in a Job Interview

Most articles about job interviews focus on the things you should say. Today, we’re going to look at interviewing from the other direction by describing six things that you should never say when interviewing.

Ready? Here we go.

Don’t Badmouth Previous Bosses or Companies where You Worked

Sure, it’s tempting to gripe about them. Your previous boss was a disorganized lunatic. The company where you had your last job was badly run. Those things might be true, but don’t say them in job interviews. If you do, your interviewer will be thinking, “This person loves to gripe and if we hire him, he’s going to be saying the same negative things about our company.

Better strategy: Keep it positive and talk about what you learned from challenging experiences.

Don’t Talk too Much about Your Big Ambitions

Of course you have big plans. You’re going to go right to the top of the company where you’re interviewing. Or you’re going to start a company of your own or become a rock star or an actress. Okay, that’s great. But talking about it only makes your interviewer think that you’re not going to stick around too long.

Better strategy: Talk about how well you will fill the job that you’re interviewing for. Your interviewer is mostly concerned with how well you will fit it, so stick to that.

Don’t Ever Say You are Discouraged or Frustrated or Sad

Maybe you’ve been looking for jobs for two months and are feeling a little worn out. Maybe you are feeling deflated because you just got rejected when you applied for another job. Maybe your boyfriend or mom or friends are driving you nuts by always asking if you have found a job yet. Keep those emotions under wraps, they can only hurt you in your current interview.

Better strategy: Keep an upbeat attitude, express excitement about the job you are interviewing for, and say how happy you are to be under consideration for it.

Don’t Talk too Much about Religion

This is a delicate issue, because your religious beliefs are important! In job interviews it’s fine to talk about the activities that your religious life brings you – you work with kids or sing in a choir or go on mission trips. But if you stress it too much or talk about your personal spiritual journey, you could lose points with your interviewer. She will be thinking, “If I hire this candidate, he’ll be talking about religion with our customers and that’s not what we’re looking for.”

Better strategy: Talk about your spiritual life alongside everything else that you do – you’ve got kids, you’ve got hobbies, you love to cook, etc. Your relationship with God is just one part of the “big picture” that you will bring to your new job. And another thing – wearing great big items of religious jewelry at interviews can cost you points.

Don’t Talk about Partying, Dating, Drinking or Drugs

Maybe that person who is interviewing you looks pretty cool – your age or maybe a little older, somebody you can really relate to, somebody who could be a friend. But remember that she is there to evaluate you as a potential hire, not as a possible buddy.

Better strategy: Stick to business topics. If you get hired and this person turns into a friend, that will be fine but in an interview, business is business. Also take a look at your Facebook and other social media pages, because companies that might hire you will look at them too. Remove pictures that show you or your friends drinking or partying – they send the wrong message to companies that are considering you.

Don’t Ever Say, “I Have No More Questions”

There comes a time at the end of interviews when most interviewers say, “Do you have any further questions?” When that moment comes, never say, “No.”

Better strategy: Keep asking questions like, “What is the most important thing you are looking for in your employees?” or, “What is the next step in your hiring process?” You’ll show how enthusiastic you are about getting that job, and how eager you are to learn.

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