Take on More Responsibility at Work and Build Your Career Faster

How do you respond when your boss asks you to take on more work or more responsibilities? What about if he or she asks you to stay late or come into work for a few hours on a day when you’re not normally scheduled to work? Do you say no? Do you say yes while you are frowning? Or do you jump at the chance?

Build Your Career Faster
If you want to build your success faster, you need to smile and jump at the chance. And here are some of the reasons why. People who are eager to take on more . . .

Are the last people to be fired if layoffs happen
Are the first employees to be promoted
Position themselves to get raises and bonuses
Get the attention of company leaders
Learn new skills that they can take with them wherever they go
Make their bosses eager to provide excellent references in the future
Three Ways to Take on More Responsibility on the Job . . .

Always say yes when you are asked. Your goal is to become the reliable “go-to person” who your boss counts on.
Volunteer to take on more work duties. If you keep your eyes open on the job, you will find lots of things that need to be done. Maybe the shelves in the store where you work need to be reorganized or the email list your company is using needs to be cleaned up. Be the person who volunteers to do things that need to be done.
Volunteer for community projects that your company sponsors. Does your company send employee volunteers to clean up parks, teach kids to read, serve meals in a soup kitchen or sing Christmas carols at local nursing homes? If so, be there. Volunteering for projects like those is not only a nice thing to do. It also helps you get to know employees (including managers) from all the departments and divisions of your company. As you grow in your job and career, those contacts can be very valuable.
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