What You Need to Know About Pre-Testing Candidates

“There’s a Test for That” . . .
what you need to know about pre-testing candidates

Did you know that many kinds of pre-employment screening tests are available online? You can download some of them, others can be administered online and scored automatically. Granted, you’ll have to pay a fee to use them, but the data they yield and the time they save can often justify the cost – and result in better hires too.

Here’s a sample of some of the tests you’ll find if you do a little searching online. Just enter the following key terms and you can pick and choose from what’s available . . .

Art and design tests
Auto maintenance and repair tests
Banking aptitude tests
Building maintenance knowledge tests
Childcare assessment tests
Computer skills and aptitude tests
Customer service skills and aptitude tests
Data entry tests
Decision-making tests
Driving skills tests
Emergency response tests
Electrical skills tests
Emergency response tests
English and bilingual abilities
Exercise instructor skills assessment tests
Fire response tests
Food service and preparation skills tests
General intelligence and aptitude tests
Healthcare skills and aptitude tests
Laboratory skills tests
Management achievement and potential tests
Mathematical aptitude tests
Medical and healthcare knowledge and skills tests
Nursing skills tests
OSHA compliance knowledge tests
Personality tests
Physical abilities tests
Skills inventories tests
Safety orientation tests
Sales potential tests
Secretarial skills and aptitude tests
Teaching skills and aptitude tests
Team leading ability tests
Writing tests
Yoga teacher aptitude tests
The Bottom Line? Testing + Your Hiring Skills = Great Hires

If you identify high-potential job applicants and screen them further with the tests listed in today’s post, it will take you less time to identify and hire highly qualified candidates. We also recommend viewing the virtual job interviews that applicants have recorded on Apploi. The result? Much more powerful and accurate hiring.

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