Why You Should Sweat the Small Stuff before Job Interviews

Do you ever have thoughts like these before a job interview?
“My boots are a little scuffed . . . but who’s going to notice?”
“My shoes need new heels . . . but who’s going to notice?”
“I’ve got a run in my stocking . . . but who’s going to notice?”
“I really should iron my jacket . . . but who’s doing to notice?”
“There’s an old soup spot on my tie . . . but who’s going to notice?”
“My glasses are smudgy . . . but who’s going to notice?”
“My right shirt cuff is a little frayed . . . but who’s going to notice?”
“I’m going to pull my resume and cover letter out of a briefcase that my mom bought in 1989 . . . but who’s going to notice?”
Interviewers See Everything

Interviewers see everything at job interviews, because their focus is on you and you are under a magnifying glass. And in case you’re thinking that you’re only recording a video interview or interviewing “live” online, think again. Everything that your phone or webcam captures will be visible to your interviewer. Then there’s the fact that you are simply going to feel more assured and confident if you look your best at interviews.

How to Up Your Game without Breaking the Bank

If you’re wondering how you can afford to upgrade all that stuff, here are some ways to get the job done economically.

Visit a thrift store in a wealthy neighborhood or town – Chances are you will find a good selection of used business clothing – and even shoes – at low prices.
Get your shoes spiffed up at shoe repair shop – New heels and a shine cost a lot less than you might expect – and a whole lot less than a new pair of shoes.
Borrow some clothing if you don’t own it – Your friends might have just the outfit you need.
Get your jackets, pants and skirts pressed at a dry cleaner – Getting them pressed costs much less than a full dry cleaning. Or buy an iron for less than $15.00 if you don’t have one.
Keep a Tide® to Go Instant Stain Remover Pen handy – They only cost a few dollars and do a good job of cleaning small spots off blouses or shirts. And if you spill soup on your shirt before your interview, these nifty small pens will clean that up too.
Don’t Forget Your Mouth and Breath

You don’t want to go to an interview with a patch of bright red lipstick on your front teeth, do you? Or with a green wad of spinach stuck between them. So remember to get to a mirror and check for those problems before interviews.

Another thing too. Don’t think that you can enjoy a nice spicy meal – at an Indian, Mexican or Chinese restaurant, maybe – before in-person interviews. And don’t think that one breath mint is going to kill bad breath. So carefully choose what you eat before you interview. You want to bowl your interviewer over, but not with your breath.

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