Apploi is an ecosystem that connects employers with job seekers. We enable companies to see personality, passion, and potential right upfront, and through our network of kiosks, partnerships and mobile app, they are able to reach more job seekers than ever before.

Sectors We Serve

Apploi works with retail, services, hospitality, healthcare, and recruiting agencies, as well as governments, international bodies, and local authorities.

We also offer customizable on-campus and recruiting event solutions across industries, which are utilized by Fortune 1000 companies and leading global brands.

See personality and skills up front.

More quickly screen candidates and ensure that great talent isn’t accidentally overlooked based on a one-dimensional, traditional resume.

Reach More Jobseekers

Build and expand talent pipelines and attract both active and passive jobseekers through Apploi’s kiosks, mobile app, website, and unique recruiting opportunities

Screen quickly and reduce turnover.

Utilize customized question templates and filtering tools, along with video and audio questions, to more efficiently and effectively hire.

A Better Brand Experience

Provide a great brand experience to attract and capture top talent, and ensure that everyone, hired or not, becomes brand advocates and customers.


Apploi U.S.

253 W. 35th St., 15th Floor 

New York, NY 10001


1 Adam Street, London
United Kingdom