Led by Apploi’s Strategic Advisor Michael Tatelbame.

Each module consists of two half-day workshops, and approximately a month to implement.
There are additional longer-term options available too.


  • Define your recruitment brand
  • Ensure messaging is consistent throughout your recruitment marketing
  • Spec your careers page and social media presence
  • Develop your candidate journey and experience


  • Define appropriate application & screening questions for each position
  • Create application workflow
  • Ensure your application is EEOC compliant
  • How to utilize video as part of your screening process


  • Define on-boarding processes and workflow
  • Document package refinement
  • Ensure compliant for each state


  • Develop an Internal Pipeline of Leadership Candidates
  • Retention Strategy Development
  • Orientation and Onboarding: The first 90 Days and Beyond
  • Better Hiring: Behavioral Based Interview Training and the role of the Leader in the selection process