Jordan’s story: How Apploi completely changed the way I recruited

I used to work at two of the country’s largest malls, as a recruiter. In that role, how do you hire more than 1,000 skilled workers fast and still focus on finding the best candidates?

Apploi was the company that saved me from losing my mind as a recruiter. Here’s exactly how. It saved me hundreds of hours of managing 40+ job boards to get the necessary applicants needed to fill positions. It saved me time on phone calls because they made it easy for me to text the candidate. And Apploi saved me countless frustrations trying to get an applicant to apply on the company’s website because they let me upload their information and save the resume.

This sounds great, right? I finally had an applicant tracking system (ATS) as a recruiter that actually made sense and listened to feedback to help with my job. So why would I want to leave the job that finally gave me the tools I needed and was a destination (a giant mall!) that everyone is talking about?

Well, there was another option. What if I could work with the company that I had been working in tune with for so long?

I joined Apploi on the business development side recently, and I have never been more sure about a job change or a company in my career. Apploi truly is creating an ATS that is easily the best help for any company looking to hire top candidates. Not just for recruiters that need to hire 1,000+ people a year, but also for those small businesses that just need to fill those three positions that they can never get the right candidate for.

Apploi changed the way I recruited and thought about recruiting. Let us show you how we can help your business.

Jordan Jones joined Apploi in February in a business development role. Now that you know his story, tell us yours. How did you get into the world of recruiting or hiring? Share your inspiration.

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