Video: Interview with Mordy Eisenberg at eCap 2020

In the middle of this pandemic, we’re learning daily about the ways telemedicine is transforming healthcare in America.

Back in February at the eCap20 healthcare summit, we sat down with Mordy Eisenberg in The Thought Bubble. He’s the Co-founder and COO of TapestryCare, a leader in the telemedicine field. Karly, an Apploi team member, asked him how technology is impacting healthcare facilities.

Mordy: We see technology really as the great enabler. It doesn’t replace the human touch, it really can’t ever replace the human touch, but it can really bring us into a lot of places that we couldn’t get to before. And people have always asked us: are these nursing homes afraid of technology? Are they resistant? Is it hard to train? And I haven’t found that to be the case. I haven’t found the technology per se to be the issue.

Karly: Any other trends you want to highlight in the healthcare space?

Mordy: Sure. For us — you ask about hiring in the nursing homes — it’s actually been rather interesting being able to hire into our model, where we’re able to hire mostly nurse practitioners, some PAs, some physicians. The job market in some areas is kinda tough for practitioners and having the ability to actually work for a company that is enabling them to work from home, let’s say, or to not travel amongst multiple facilities, has been very rewarding for them.

Which is also another shift. You see lots of people working remotely these days but being able to be a remote physician or a remote nurse practitioner is something that’s new, relatively new, and especially into the skilled nursing space. It allows us to recruit differently. Also, it allows us to recruit really good people because we’re not limited to finding people that can drive to a facility. We can find people that can live a thousand miles away and yet see patients over the technology. So it’s pretty exciting.

We have nurse practitioners that are stay-at-home moms that really work from their homes but they’re working for us full-time. They never have to leave their home, they’re in 7 or 8 nursing homes a day, they’re not traveling. It makes them productive and it’s just a very fulfilling job for them, and we’ve been able to recruit quite well based on that.

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